Jack Scow, Personal Trainer in Fresno and Clovis CA Jack Scow, Personal Trainer in Fresno and Clovis CA Jack Scow, Personal Trainer in Fresno and Clovis CA


"My name is Karen Dorian, and I am 60 years old. I have been training with Jack Scow for over 15 years. Jack is passionate about fitness, and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings every time we work out together. His fitness training is challenging, creative, and most importantly, fun! He has taught me proper technique in training with weights, always encouraging me to do better, and because of Jack, and his relentless love of a healthy lifestyle, he has enriched my life and others who are lucky enough to know him and benefit from his extensive knowledge of exercise and nutrition. Having a healthy lifestyle has made all the difference in the world for me; I feel great, and I'm not taking medications like most people my age. Thank you Jack for the dedication you give to all of your clients".

Karen Dorian, Fresno, CA / AGE: 60's

"I've trained with Jack for a few years now and all I can say is that I've made great progress in my physical conditioning without injuring myself even once. Jack understands what it takes for someone my age (50) to train while taking into account my physical limitations. I have to be very careful with my joints and also have a tendency to overdo it in the gym. Jack has the judgment to see that I don't hurt myself and the understanding to push me hard enough to get results".

Eddie Melikian, Fresno, CA / AGE: 50's

"Hi my name is Greg and I am 19. I have trained with Jack Scow for about 6 months. I started my year with a goal and that was to compete in my first bodybuilding show and for the first part of the year I was off to a good start on my own but then I met Jack. From the beginning Jack always gave me good advice and helped me in anyway I needed just because he's a good guy that wants to see people succeed. His advice was so beneficial that I started to train with him and that once I did he transformed my body in ways couldn't believe. My initial goal was to do my first show for the year but with Jack's help my body is at a level ready for three more shows this year. I owe all this success to Jack Scow a true friend and great trainer. I am proof that any goal you have he will help you reach".

Greg Chavez, Fresno, CA / AGE: 20's

"I came to Jack in the fall of ’08. At 47, I had decided it was time to fulfill a 25 year old dream; to compete in a body building competition. I was 30lbs. overweight and had been competing in power-lifting for 11 years. I also had a few injuries. To my surprise jack did not laugh me right out of the gym. In fact Jack was very accepting of me. Easily jack put together an eating plan for me and we started training. I started losing fat and due to Jacks diligent watch over my training my injuries started to heal. Now I have lost 25lbs. and have competed in 2 competitions! I love it! I only wish I had started with Jack 20 years ago".

Kim, Clovis, CA / AGE: 40's

"I am 81 years of age, and I live in Fresno, California. I have trained continuously with Jack since early 1996. He has seen me through a number of physical problems and been a part of my recovery. The most serious problem was surgery for an abdominal aortic aneurysm at age 77 that left me surprisingly weak. When I was able to return to the gym Jack's careful and specific exercises greatly accelerated my recovery and helped me regain nearly all of my prior strength and stamina. I also had a bad reaction to some medication that caused muscle pain and fatigue. The fatigue resulted in my failing to eat properly. The change in medication helped the pain, but the fatigue took longer to disappear. In discussing this with Jack, he questioned me about my diet and said I was woefully short of proteins. Upon his advice, I added the proteins he suggested, and the fatigue then quickly disappeared and I again began planning the thing I like best--travel. I keep up with my companions on these trips and they are as much as 30 years younger".

Jack consistently introduces age-appropriate exercises that spare the knees but strengthen the legs, and works to keep aging muscles limber and strong throughout the body by changing the routines and advising and urging me to continue to take the time for cardio exercises and walking regularly. Without his urging and advice it would be easy to skip these important exercises and I'm sure I would not be as fit and vital and enjoying myself as I am able to do".

Donna, Fresno, CA / AGE: 80's

"Having Jack as my personal trainer has truly changed my life. I was losing weight following Weight Watchers plan but hit a plateau. When I began to work with Jack 5 years ago, not only did I lose weight (65 lbs) but my figure completely changed. My hips have never been this small. I feel better than ever and even more confident. He helps me stay motivated and committed to a healthy lifestyle. He has also become a very dear friend".

Leslie Moore , Fresno, CA / AGE: 60's

I met Jack the day he won his class at the Muscle Beach competition on July 4, 2015 in Venice, California. I was taking a break from training due to a wrist injury. Jack was able to develop a program that enabled me to continue my training without further aggravating my injury. Although I live in Los Angeles and have trained with professional trainers for many years, I continue to travel to Fresno in order to train with Jack. His knowledge, intensity and focus are without equal. He is always attentive and makes sure that your form is correct, and he explains the purpose and theory of each exercise. He has an amazing knowledge of nutrition which you can incorporate into your daily routine. I’ve already made impressive injury-free gains training with Jack and following his nutritional program.

Andrew, Los Angeles, CA / AGE: 60’s




personal trainer, fitness, gym
personal trainer, fitness, gym
personal trainer, fitness, gym
personal trainer, fitness, gym



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